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Do you need a hint for rug cleaning? Read these tips and be prepared to deal with carpet stains.
Also learn more about the best methods to clean deep your carpets and why air is very important for their long-lasting.

Always encourage ventilation

After deep cleaning your carpet, it is often encouraged to ventilate the room as much as you can. That means opening the windows and turning on the electric fans to facilitate movement of air in the room. Recently cleaned carpets can take a while to dry up; more air going into the room can speed up the process.

Know when to deep clean

Deep cleaning a carpet will take a lot of time and effort, and might even need the help of our servicemen at Carpet Cleaning Mission Viejo. To know whether it is time to deep clean your carpet, look for any signs of matting or stickiness in the carpet, as well as discoloring, grimy circles around where the chairs are, and whether dust comes up whenever your run across the carpet.

Treat acid stains

If someone just spilled vinegar or drain cleaner on the carpet, take action immediately. When pre-treating acid stains, use a baking soda and water solution, apply a solution of ammonia and water, rinse with cold water, and then let dry before you gently vacuum the affected area. This should help limit the amount of damage acid stains leave behind before carpet cleaners can remove them completely.

Choose the right rugs

When you are about to buy new rugs, make sure you get the right fibers depending on which room you are planning to place them at. Don't get oriental rugs for the kid's room because they will be ruined much sooner than you expect. Choose resistant fibers for bathroom and high traffic floors. High traffic areas and bedrooms also need rugs, which can be vacuumed often.

Minimizing indentation

Indentations on carpets are usually formed by the prolonged contact of furniture legs. To minimize this, you can use castor cups on you furniture and rearrange the furniture arrangement every so often to help relieve the pressure on the carpet. If you see indentations forming, you can spray the area with water mist to help.

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