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Thank you for choosing our FAQ page as your information provider. Being veterans in the carpet cleaning industry, we gathered the most commonly asked questions, and provide them with the best answers. We love sharing our knowledge with those who are genuinely interested in this field, so come back for more!

Will your cleaning methods cause the carpet to re-soil quicker?

At Carpet Cleaning Mission Viejo, we use cleaning methods and solutions that are both highly effective and safe for the carpet. We formulate our solutions and use methods that do not damage the carpet in any way, and the carpet will not re-soil easily.

What do vinegar and baking soda do?

They are both natural and recommended for odor removal. They can also be used to remove some small stains. Since they are natural materials, they won't damage the carpets or affect their colors. Vinegar must be applied gently with a carpet brush and baking soda must be left overnight and vacuumed the next morning.

How do I eliminate pet odors?

Pet odors can temporarily be fixed by deodorizers, but our experts recommend odor removal services for more effective methods. Aside from keeping the carpets clean, regularly bathing your pet should also help avoid the problem of their odor clinging on to the carpets or rugs.

What is the test for a deep clean?

These are the signs that should tell you that you need the support of our carpet cleaning company in CityName instead of your trusty old vacuum cleaner. If you see matting and sticky parts then it is time to get professional help from us. Another important sign if the color has changed.

How do you test for color-fastness on carpets?

This is an essential pre-cleaning process. You should use a moist white towel. Add the cleaning solution that you have opted for and put it in an area that is not easily visible, like underneath a large piece of furniture. If the towel is colorless, the solution is safe.

How often should I vacuum the carpet after getting a pet?

In general, weekly vacuuming should be perfectly sufficient. You should also take other measures for keeping the carpet plus rugs and upholstery clean. Collect pet hair from these surfaces every time before vacuuming. You can use a specially designed brush, window squeegee or simply a damp rubber glove. You should also wash your pet frequently too to prevent excessive shedding of dead skin and hair.

Is vacuuming effective for tile floors?

It is an integral part of the cleaning process. Vacuuming the tile floor will help to pick up larger debris and hairs. It helps prepare the surface for cleaning with a liquid solution. If there is a considerable amount of hair on the floor, you should sweep it before vacuuming.

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